COVID-19 Comms from HFH - 18 March 2020

Dear Clients,

As you are aware the COVID- 19 pandemic has taken hold of the country in a way and with a speed that no one could have predicted. The country is fast approaching a strictly controlled environment with reduced public transport, all leisure facilities being shut and the population being asked to stay at home to reduce the risk of catching the virus and self-isolation and quarantine if you suspect or you have been diagnosed.

Consequently, the best prepared business continuity plans are being stretched due to the magnitude and speed of the onset of the crisis.

We understand how worried individuals are and your safety and well-being are our top priority. You have all been contacted by one of our nurses to go through your care needs and we are reworking our resource to enable to continue to deliver your care.

However, given the emergency situation we will experience staff shortages and we will have to change our business mission of delivering care through core care teams that are known and experienced in your care. We are evaluating the situation daily and continue to work with you. Despite this, there is a high probability that there will be situations when we will be able to supply competent carers, but we cannot guarantee the regularity of consistent known faces. We will update you of any changes required before they happen.

This is a challenging time for everybody and more so for you our clients, but we must work together so that the necessary care is given.

Our team are continuing to procure and maintain required stock levels for your normal personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and aprons. All other equipment and supplies remain the responsibility of the NHS and we will continue to liaise with them in the usual way. Should there be a need for additional types of supplies at a later date, for example face masks, this will be provided when required by the NHS from the national emergency stockpile.

We ask that you continue to ensure there is a good supply of personal hygiene (such as soap), laundry and household cleaning products in your home, in order for us to continue to safely support you and your carers.

Our nurses will be contacting you regularly and we are seeking to open a dialogue about your individual specific care and what we can do to help.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Kind regards


Paula Friend

Managing Director

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