Celebrating 10 Years of Nursing with HFH Healthcare!

Celebrating 10 Years of Nursing with HFH Healthcare!

Social distancing did not prevent us from saying a massive thank you and well done to Anthony Chirara who completes 10 years of nursing with HFH Healthcare. Anthony has been a stalwart of our HFH Clinical Team since joining the company in 2010. Anthony's nursing skills and flexibility have been fully utilised on our journey to becoming the most trusted and highly regarded provider of nurse led specialist complex healthcare for adults and children in and around London.

Over the years Anthony's work with the HFH Training Academy, to which he still contributes, has launched the careers of many of our specialist complex carers. Nowadays he takes a lead role in the mentorship of new nurses to the HFH Clinical Team, all underpinned by the driest of senses of humour.

As a trusted Nurse Case Manager for some of the most vulnerable in our communities, Anthony is strong advocate for his clients and their outcomes beyond their care needs. His leadership is this area had enabled more clients to live and receive complex care in their own home, rather than in another, less personalised setting. 

Thank you Anthony, it is because of you and your like minded colleagues we continue to provide a safe and effective service.

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