HFH Healthcare 2020 Carers of the Year - Maria

HFH Healthcare 2020 Carers of the Year - Maria
2020 offered many challenges for key workers working within Health and Social Care across the globe. Our specialist carers working within the homes of our complex care clients across London and the Home Counties have had many occasions when their commitment and dedication has warranted our recognition, praise and gratitude. Our 2020 Carers of the Year deserve a special mention!

Congratulations to Maria LF. who is one of our HFH Healthcare 2020 Carers of the Year!

Our Nurse Case Manager for Maria’s client was eager to explain just how she had positively impacted our client's life:

“Maria is an outstanding carer who is cherished and respected by all who cross her path. Maria continuously shows amazing amounts of passion and dedication to her client.

As an HFH nurse case manager, I was lucky enough to have worked alongside Maria and I can whole heartedly say it was an honour. Maria always communicates well, is very organised and completed everything with a smile on her face that can be seen even through her face mask.

Maria’s client always has a sparkle in her eye and a glow upon her face whenever Maria speaks with her. It is clear to see the feeling of love and respect in mutual.

Maria had ensured that despite lockdown, the client wouldn’t miss out on any celebratory fun by organising an extra special Birthday and Christmas extravaganza. The client was showered in decorations, gifts, singing and video calls to all her family and friends.

I have always received an overwhelming amount of positive reports from the client’s multi-disciplinary team regarding Maria’s excellent professionalism, knowledge and commitment. It was a common feeling between us all, that if we or our family members ever needed a carer, we would all choose and hope for Maria.

If this alone wasn’t worthy of carer of the year, Maria truly went above and beyond expectations, when her client shared that they had a long-lost family member. Maria spent many weeks and months supporting the client to search for her and many months were spent not knowing if they would be successful. Maria handled this information with such gentle care and dedication, it led to a positive coming together of two people being reunited once again. Maria has given her client one of the greatest gifts, which is evident to see as the client continues to show strength each and every day.

There are not enough words to express how thankful we are for all you do Maria, but I hope this gives you some insight that your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for being you!”


HFH Nurse Case Manager

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