Message From HFH

Dear Clients,

The new lockdown measures have been applied from Thursday 5th November for four weeks up to Wednesday 2 December. The guidance states you must not meet socially indoors with family or friends unless they are part of your household - meaning the people you live with - or support bubble. HFH Carers are part of your support Bubble as our Clients and therefore if you would like to go out for walk in the fresh air i.e. to the park, public gardens; please speak to the Carers and they will organise it for you.

We have recently communicated with our Carers reminding them the guidance and HFH processes with regards to COVID as follows:

Staff should not attend work if they have symptoms of COVID-19, or if they live with someone who has symptoms.

Staff with symptoms of Covid-19

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, you should:

  • follow the stay at home guidance
  • while at home (off-duty), you should not attend work and notify your line manager (HFH) immediately
  • if you feel unwell whilst at work, ensure you keep your mask on and inform your line manager (HFH) immediately
  • HFH will arrange for you to have a test.


We know from Client feedback how valued you are by your Clients and as Carers you play a big role in keeping yourself and Clients safe and well. We have worked hard to ensure that it is safe for you to continue working with your Clients whilst continuing to provide high quality care during the second lockdown. We will be reliant on you to ensure you follow the guidelines and observe the correct usage of PPE provided.

We do try to ensure Core team works as a team to provide care to the Client, but on occasions staff work with more than one Client and therefore may have different PPE requirement for each Client. Please make sure you wear the correct PPE for your Clients. If you experience any issues in obtaining and wearing the correct PPE for your Client, then please contact the Nurse or

To make it easier for you to follow Client specific PPE requirements, a PPE guidance form will be available in all Client’s homes for you to reference and follow safe practice.

• Information on PPE relevant to your role

• Guidance on how to correctly wear any PPE you are issued with

• HFH Care support team contacts

Please know that by wearing Client specific PPE and practicing good hand hygiene is one of the most crucial step in COVID prevention.

Covid Testing:

As you all may be aware, HFH is a part of Employers portal to refer staff for COVID testing. This is a quick route and staff have received results within two days of notifying HFH of their symptoms.

Please note tests are booked only if staff has COVID symptoms.

As per government guidelines,

  • If any staff is exposed (direct contact) to COVID positive Client/Carer without correct PPE, they are required to self-isolate for 14 days (without symptoms).
  • Any staff who test positive for COVID will have to self-isolate for 10 days.

How do we support you our Client during COVID

Client with symptoms of Covid-19

We have asked our Carers to inform HFH if you develop COVID symptoms so that we can support you, your family and your Care team.


We have sent specific PPE based on your clinical requirements to your home to ensure safety of you and your care team. HFH CC’s regularly speak with yourself or your team to ensure you always have sufficient PPE stock levels. It is extremely important that your Care staff always wear the PPE provided.

COVID Testing:

If you or any member of the family develops COVID symptoms, please contact 111 for advice and request a home testing kit. Unfortunately, we are unable to obtain home testing kits through the Employers portal currently.

HFH strives to keep you informed of the latest guidance and advice issued by the government, Public Health England and the Department of Health and Social Care alongside advice from local infection prevention and control specialists.

We are in this together and we each have a very important role to play to ensure the safety of our Clients, Carers, and our Community.

Take care and be safe.

Kind Regards

Team HFH

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