Weekly COVID Testing 1 - Message From HFH

Dear Clients,

As you all may be aware, we are shortly going to start weekly testing for HFH staff and Clients.

We are now in the position where we can offer you the opportunity to participate in the weekly testing programme, if you would like to participate in the programme please either let us know by reply of this email or speak with your Nurse Case Manager or CC. You will need to let us know who in your household would be able to do the weekly test for you. If you live alone or your Next of Kin is unable to support with the test, your Nurse may be able to ask the Carers to help with this.

  • Weekly testing for Clients – how will this be done:
  • Weekly testing kits would be sent to your home every month.
  • Each Client will be given a pack of four test kits, this will allow for one test each week for every 28 days. You will also receive your Carers monthly test kits, which they will be collecting from your home.
  • Every 7 days you would take a COVID test at home, register it online, and return it by post between Thursday and Sunday ,these days are important. Registration link: https://gov.uk/register-organisation-tests
  • You will need to return your test kits at a Royal Mail priority post box on the same day that you take the test. Find your nearest Priority post box here: http://www.royalmail.com/services-near-you
  • You will receive their results in 2 to 4 days by email and text message (SMS)
  • If you test positive: Please notify HFH Care Co-ordinator/Office asap.

Regardless of your result, please continue following all Infection prevention measures in your home such as good hand hygiene, providing Carers with the appropriate PPE and maintaining the Tier 4 regulations as per govt guidance.

Stay well stay safe

Team HFH

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