Complex care at home for adults and children

Our Vision

To be an Outstanding provider of expert clinical person-centred care for Children & Adults

Our Mission

We work collaboratively with our clients and service commissioners to create a quality focused, safe, and respectful environment where our clients can thrive.

Our Values

Caring, Safe, Quality Driven, Innovative
Our Services
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In-Home Complex Care Centred Around Our Clients

We are nurse-led care specialists providing comprehensive and personalised healthcare services for adults and children with complex care needs in the comfort of their own home.

We strive to make a difference to people’s lives and allow them to reach their full potential regardless of their condition.

Here at HFH we understand that individuals with long-term healthcare needs deserve to be cared for safely and comfortably in their own homes. We specialise in a wide range of high-quality in-home complex care services tailored to meet each individual’s unique need.

Our team is committed to delivering uncompromising quality complex care that is personalised to each and every person because that’s what matters most.

Expert Nurse Lead Care

Our leading care and nursing specialists ensure the delivery of the best quality of in-home care when our clients return home from the hospital. The complex care we provide is nurse-led, meaning everything we do is held to the highest clinical standards so that our clients can feel assured in the knowledge they are in safe, caring hands.

We are here for our clients and their family, providing comprehensive and compassionate care so they can get on with living their lives in the best way possible regardless of the nature of their condition.

Putting Our Clients at the Heart of Our Care

We understand that an individual is so much more than just their care needs and to us every person’s story matters.

That’s why our complex care plans are tailored to every person’s individual situation, putting our clients at the very heart of their care. Having a complex condition that requires specialised care can create certain limitations to a person’s life, but we know it can never limit a person’s outlook, goals and sense of fulfilment when given the right support.

We provide care and support of the highest standard, enabling our clients to live as full and well-rounded a life as possible. We get to know the whole of our clients and who they really  are. Whether they require round clock care or in-home visits, our dedicated nursing teams are here to make them feel safe, and supported in every way we can.

Here for our Clients Every Step of the Way

We focus on who our client is and how they want to live beyond the consideration of their complex care needs. That’s why our care is always outcome focused to ensure that they feel in control and empowered to live the life they choose.

Whether it’s gaining a sense of independence, self management of their condition in a positive way, or starting on the road to recovery, our clients’ care journeys are what really matters, and we make sure that we are here with them every step of the way.

Our approach to complex care evolves alongside our clients and their changing needs. We ensure that each individual is cared for in the right way at every stage of their unique journey, from returning home from the hospital to living daily life and integrating back into the community.

We are there with our clients every step of the way, helping them live the happy and fulfilling life they deserve.

If you want to find out more about how we can help our clients and their loved ones with their complex care needs contact us.

Our Values

Caring I Safe I Quality Driven I Innovative