Family Member, Surrey

HFH is a really kind company and I think that so far in 30 years [of receiving care is] by far the best company that we have been with. The people that you employ (carers and offices staff) are a much higher calibre than what I have experienced in the past and much more educated. Nurses ringing me up to find out how things are going and catching up with us is quite compassionate


[Nurse Case manager] has been the best part of the support I receive from HFH. She has consistently keeps her promises, and has given valuable opinions with regards to new team members joining my package.

Quality Improvement Officer

HFH appears to be very child centred, putting a lot of emphasis on the voice of the child, and the delivery of personalised care that meets their set outcomes. Policies and Procedures are of a high standard and reviewed regularly

HFH Client, Buckinghamshire

Our HFH carer is great! They are so reliable and always put my brothers care first. Our care coordinator constantly communicates with us, always checked in to see how things are going

HFH Client, Hounslow

I am very happy with my care coordinator and the nurse case manager, this is the best care team I have ever had! Nurse “L” has helped save my life!

HFH Client, Tower Hamlets

I’m very happy with our HFH carers, they look after my mum well… I find HFH helpful and my care coordinator has been wonderful!

Client, Islington

I would like to thank the Nurse Case Manager who drove across London to change my tracheostomy, which was showing dangerous signs of infection on Bank Holiday Saturday. Not only could this not have waited until the next working day but she arrived in the best of good humour by 9 AM. I remain not only extremely grateful but also impressed by her devotion to duty about which I would like to draw your attention for this was an example of excellent care


[Nurse Case manager] Amina has always been approachable, a great listener and has responded in good time to my requests and needs. Furthermore, she appears to have a strong nurturing approach to her/my carers. It’s always a pleasure to receive her into my house.

Family Member, Haringey

It is very reassuring to know HFH are onboard. Both my brother and I feel like we are finally moving onto the next chapter. The support, structure, and knowledge that HFH can offer will enable my brother to live his life from his own home. It has been a long time coming, as you know, and we really appreciate all your and your staff’s efforts…I cannot tell you how much reassurance you have given me. For the first time in a long time, I feel like someone is on our side and wants to help. Please pass on our gratitude to your team of carers as I know my brother feels extremely happy and confident with them. He also feels safe. He is so excited about coming home now. If he is happy, I am happy!