HFH Client, Surrey

We are now 4 weeks into our association with HFH and wanted our feedback on record. We have been delighted with the service provided from initial meeting, through familiarisation visits, to the carers becoming established in our home, it has all been seamless. The follow up and support from the nurse management team has been excellent too. We cannot speak highly enough of the carers themselves. All are friendly, skilled, adaptable and empathetic. We had expected to spend this last chapter surrounded by family and friends but COVID-19 has meant we rely on ‘Strangers’… Except they are not, all are becoming friends and the support of each and every one of them is invaluable. Thank You!

HFH Client, Hounslow

I am very happy with my care coordinator and the nurse case manager, this is the best care team I have ever had! Nurse “L” has helped save my life!

Mum – South West London

HFH has been flexible and efficient, in matching us up with the right carers for our family. [CARER] is amazing with [CLIENT]!

Quality Improvement Officer

HFH appears to be very child centred, putting a lot of emphasis on the voice of the child, and the delivery of personalised care that meets their set outcomes. Policies and Procedures are of a high standard and reviewed regularly

HFH Client, Buckinghamshire

Our HFH carer is great! They are so reliable and always put my brothers care first. Our care coordinator constantly communicates with us, always checked in to see how things are going


[Nurse Case manager] does her job perfectly all the time. She’s helpful, caring, listens and is very good at communicating. She does her job all the time from the heart and is the best nurse!

Client, Merton

I want to congratulate my carers in the way I am being cared for, ‘My little family,’ especially when I am ill. Hence the importance of carers knowing everything about the client as a whole. I am blessed as someone with several ailments, knowing every sign and symptoms is imperative e.g. when my Hickman Line is infected I do not present as someone who has an infection, I present differently. Thanks to [Nurse Case Manager], the carers have been taught the difference. Without being dramatic this knowledge saved me on many occasions. On my last admission I was extremely ill but my carers obtained swift medical care. This was knowing me as a whole and the importance of knowing the differences between infections. HFH, thank you for the carers I have and the teaching


[Nurse Case manager] Amina has always been approachable, a great listener and has responded in good time to my requests and needs. Furthermore, she appears to have a strong nurturing approach to her/my carers. It’s always a pleasure to receive her into my house.

HFH Client, Tower Hamlets

I’m very happy with our HFH carers, they look after my mum well… I find HFH helpful and my care coordinator has been wonderful!