Specialist nurse led training

Nurse-led care

Development and compliance of our healthcare staff, allowing us to deliver the very best nurse-led care.

The clinical and caring skills of our staff, their commitment to clients, and their compliance with national standards ensure we deliver the highest quality of care.

All clients and their care teams are supported by our in-house team of specialist nurses who complete regular competency assessments throughout the care delivery. Healthcare staff also receive regular supervision and continuing professional development to ensure they continue to meet our high clinical standards.

It is important for clients to form a positive personal connection with their care staff, so they can trust them and feel completely secure and comfortable in their care.

Specialist nurse-led care training

Whatever a client’s care needs may be, we train and supply the healthcare staff to deliver the care required.

Our theoretical and practical clinical training takes place at our fully equipped clinical training centre and is provided by our team of specialist nurses


Our carer development centre comprises interview and training rooms, and several specialist and fully-equipped skills labs for bespoke training to cover a wide range of client-specific needs, including:

Tracheostomy care
Invasive and non-invasive ventilation
Airway suctioning
Cough assist
Autonomic Dysreflexia
Oxygen therapy and monitoring
Bowel management (DRS/MEF/TAI etc.)
Enteral feeding (NGT/PEG/RIG)
Epilepsy and seizure management
Catheter care (IDC/SPC etc.)
Complex medication administration
Behaviours which challenge
Complex moving and positioning
Palliative care