Learning Disability & Autism Care

Learning Disability & Autism Care

Learning Disability & Autism Care

At HFH we specialise in providing professional, high-quality complex health care to adults and children with learning disabilities throughout London and the South East. Our complex care services enable clients to maintain as much independence as possible, so they can experience life in a manner of their choosing, as part of the community and in a way where they feel safe and supported every step of the way.

We know that having a learning disability can present a number of challenges to individuals and their families when it comes to living their daily lives, however, our service makes it possible for them to receive safe and quality care in their home should they have an additional complex health need.

As experts in complex care, we are dedicated to providing personalised in-home care tailored to each individual, so that people with learning disabilities can access complex care at home and remain able to enjoy life to the fullest of their potential.

Understanding Learning Disabilities

A learning disability is different for everyone. The degree of disability can vary greatly, being classified as mild, moderate, severe, or profound.

People with learning disabilities may find it difficult to process information, learn new skills, perform daily tasks, and even struggle with communication. These conditions present in each individual differently and that’s why care needs to be personalised to each and every client.

The type of care a client requires will depend on the symptoms they display and the severity of their condition. Our nurse-led teams assess the individual needs of each client before creating a care plan specifically tailored to their needs.

Our Onboarding Pathway for Clients with a Learning Disability and Complex Healthcare Needs

When supporting individuals with learning disabilities we deliver a high level of specialist, person-centred care. Appropriate considerations are made to ensure quality care, including but not limited to the following:

  • Empowering independence, voice, and choice.
  • Ongoing communication – verbal/non-verbal, Makaton, yes/no cards, pictures cards, eye gaze, sign language.
  • Attention to detail – preferences, likes & dislikes.
  • Effective open line of communication with family.
  • Positive Behavioral Support Plans and “Hands-off” reactive strategies, if required.
  • Coordination of communication between the professional multi-disciplinary team (MDT) around the client – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, SALT, orthotics.
  • Supporting the individual to achieve their goals and maximise their skills.
  • Emphasis on quality of life – activities & experiences.
  • Dignified, person-centred care and treatment.
  • Delivering full & relevant training to all staff, which includes client specific training for complex physical and clinical care.
  • Creation of a Hospital Passport to ensure all professionals are aware of their individual needs should they require treatment in an acute setting.

How We Deliver Our Nurse-led Specialist Learning Disabilities Care

Our care team are expertly trained by our clinical staff and overseen by our Nurse Case Managers who continuously review and update client care plans to ensure the highest quality of care that is tailored to a client’s specific needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they feel supported and empowered by the care we give and how it is delivered.

Client Centered Learning Disability Care

We tailor our care plans around our clients, so they receive the best support possible. Our bespoke care plans start with a full assessment of a client’s needs to establish the best way to deliver care so a client can feel supported whilst still retaining their independence.

At HFH, our care plans are designed to meet the needs of the individual including the emotional, physical and social needs of each of our clients. We listen to our clients and work with them to understand their goals and aspirations. We make sure we match our clients with the best carers for their specific requirements, encouraging them to build a bond and trusted relationship.

We understand that everybody deserves the right to live their life how they want regardless of their complex care needs. We are proud to deliver our care to individuals with learning disabilities and complex healthcare needs, in-home across London and the South East so they can live healthy and fulfilling lives within their community.

If you would like to find out more about the complex care services, we provide for those with learning disabilities then get in touch here.