Ahmed’s Story

Ahmed's Story

Ahmed is a 38-year-old male, living in his adapted home. He suffered a serious road traffic accident in 2014, resulting in a traumatic (diffuse axonal) brain injury that resulted in a prolonged disorder of consciousness. Ahmed suffered multiple fractures and soft tissue injuries to his legs and required surgery for both ankles to allow him to stand.  He also has a history of Seborrheic dermatitis.


Completion of a brain scan for a brain injury patient


Following the accident, Ahmed now has severe cognitive impairment and is unable to communicate in a meaningful way. However, he has been assessed to have greater cognitive function than he is able to express (e.g., he finds comedy programmes amusing). Ahmed was initially placed in a specialist rehabilitation centre for an extended period before coming into our care in 2023 to enable a transition back to his family home.

HFH Healthcare were commissioned to meet Ahmed’s clinical, essential, and basic self-care needs. His health requirements include enteral feeding via a feeding pump, complex positioning and transfers, mobility support, physiotherapy, medication administration and oral suctioning to clear his secretions. He also has a history of severe allergies resulting in anaphylaxis, and experiences spasms and seizures.

Since transitioning home, Ahmed has received daily support from our team of specialist care staff. He loves spending his time on activities such as watching comedy, football, and cycling. Ahmed also enjoys listening to music and going on outings with his caregivers.

Due to the nature of his condition, Ahmed is reliant on others for all his care needs to keep him safe and well. He is unable to vocalise any decisions around his care, and as a result, it is provided in his best interests. Our carers explain procedures to him prior to carrying out all care interventions, so Ahmed knows exactly what’s happening. His family also support him with decisions related to his care.

Initially, his family wanted to be reassured that the care provided to Ahmed would be satisfactory. HFH Healthcare were able to meet and exceed their expectations by strictly following his rehabilitation plan. Nurse Case Managers worked well with their care team in the home to ensure his needs were extensively considered in his care package. On top of this, excellent in-house training and regular multidisciplinary team meetings provided clarity on his rehabilitation progress, giving his parents the peace of mind that Ahmed was being well taken care of.

When initially coming into our care, Ahmed was very reserved and quiet, but since getting to know our care team he has been far more responsive, using facial expressions and sounds to communicate more of his needs.

Our team of nurse-led carers have supported Ahmed’s goals well. These include getting up every day and accessing the community, using his standing frame daily, going to hydrotherapy every week, and enjoying quality time with his favourite activities and entertainment.

Ahmed’s father expressed “I am incredibly happy with the carers and the care provided to my son. The team are very responsive to his needs”.