Daniels’s Story

Daniel's Story


Daniel is a gentleman in his 30’s who sustained a spinal cord injury following a sporting accident which has led to the loss of neurological function below level C1 of the spine and is now trachy vent dependant.


Nurses teaching nurse-led care during a training session


HFH Healthcare commenced supporting Daniel in 2019 whilst admitted to Stanmore Hospital, where he went through intensive rehabilitation. Daniel describes himself as a ‘fun loving young man, with a wicked sense of humour’ and was looking forward to going home with likeminded carers who were punctual and would support him in a way that allowed him to maintain his dignity, privacy, and choice.

Daniel’s health needs include: Tracheostomy care, Ventilation and Cough Assist via tracheostomy, Autonomic Dysreflexia management, Continence Care (neurogenic bladder managed with an SPC and neurogenic bowel managed with full bowel management) and Diabetes: Blood Glucose Management. He has capacity to communicate his preferences with the care team, which he can do verbally, in English and his own language.

As this was the first time Daniel was returning home, and with 24-hour waking care package, HFH built a care team that was both robust and clinically skilled to meet his needs. This included training carers to meet his specific spinal and respiratory requirements and recruiting staff that could speak Daniel’s own language.



HFH Healthcare worked in collaboration with local services to ensure that all essential equipment and supplies would be available to facilitate a safe discharge and the home was set up to meet his needs.

Following his transition home Daniel expressed that have he “loves all his carers and rate them 5/5 for the support they give”. He also looks forward to his regular visits and conversations with his named Nurse Case Manager where they catch up on life and plants.