How to Find a Capable Complex Care Provider

The requirement for complex care services in the community has been steadily increasing in recent years. Whether due to aging populations, chronic illnesses, or disabilities, many individuals require specialised care provision that goes beyond domiciliary care. With the care sector being so broad and the number of providers increasing all the time, when it comes to finding a suitable provider the terminology and information can often be overwhelming.   We’ve put together this guide to help you understand how to find a capable complex care provider.

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Your provider should:

Be CQC and TDDI Registered: The first thing you should look for in a care provider is that they are registered by the Care Quality Commission as a care provider. This is a legal requirement under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and ensures they are certified and reviewed by an independent body, who checks that any health and social care services provided in England meet essential standards of safety, effectiveness, compassion, and quality. The CQC will publish inspection reports and ratings for each service, allowing you to be well informed about each provider’s quality of care provided.  

It is also a legal requirement when offering complex care support, for a provider to be registered with the CQC for the Treatment of Disease, Disorder or Injury if they are covering activity for a treatment that is:

  • provided by or under the supervision of a defined list of healthcare professionals or by a multi-disciplinary team that includes a listed healthcare professional, or
  • provided by or under the supervision of a social worker where the treatment is for a mental disorder, or by a multi-disciplinary team that includes a social worker where the treatment is for a mental disorder, and is
  • for a disease, disorder or injury.

A company’s registration for TDDI will be listed on their Registration Details page on the CQC website.

Opting for a provider who is not appropriately registered with the CQC would remove the critically important regulatory oversight of their care delivery.

Have Experience and Expertise: Your provider should have experience supporting clients with similar care needs. For example, if you have been diagnosed with a condition, your provider should be able to evidence their experience supporting individuals with the same or similar conditions at the same stage of progression. It would be ideal if the care provider could also demonstrate their experience supporting a wider range of complex medical conditions and their approach to case management.

Employ Competent Staff: The backbone of any care provider is its team. It’s vital to ensure carers, nurses, and other healthcare professionals employed by the company are appropriately trained and assessed as competent by clinical professionals to meet your specific care needs. Evidence of continuous professional development among all staff is important to ensure they are keeping up with current best practice. Your chosen provider should have industry-recognised recruitment standards and training, including extensive theory, simulation, and practical assessments. Staff should receive continuous supervision and oversight to ensure positive outcomes for clients. Training, client, and practitioner feedback should be encouraged to improve care standards.

Conduct Comprehensive Assessments and Care Planning: Suitable care providers will conduct thorough assessments of each client’s unique requirements and develop personalised care plans tailored to address those needs effectively. This includes considering medical history, current conditions, medications, mobility requirements and any other relevant factors to ensure comprehensive care delivery within a safe environment. Your provider should maintain high clinical standards, ensuring their clients are always in competent hands. Care packages may benefit from the oversight of a case manager to continually review and assess each client’s care plan and individual needs. This will ensure that they are being delivered to the safest standards and can flex over time should a client’s needs change.

Exemplary organisations will have the capability to carry out all assessment, training, supervision and reviews in-house giving the provider full clinical and operational oversight over the service delivery.

Work in Partnership with Other Healthcare Professionals Involved in Your Care: Complex care often involves multiple healthcare specialists working together, which can include doctors, nurses, and other skilled professionals. A great care provider must excel in coordinating communication among these people and maintain clear communication channels to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the client’s care plan and progress. This will ensure their package is optimal and updated.

Utilise Quality Monitoring and Feedback Mechanisms: Your care provider should conduct continuous monitoring of care quality and feedback from clients and their families. These are essential components of a good care provisioners’ operations. This allows for ongoing evaluation and improvement of services to better meet the evolving needs of clients requiring complex care.

Your chosen provider should be outcome based, to increase their clients’ independence and choice in their care journey.

Be Adaptable and Flexible: Complex care needs can change over time, a client’s condition may improve or deteriorate, requiring adjustments to the structure of care or access to additional support services. A good care provider will hold frequent reviews and be capable of responding to changing circumstances and accommodating evolving care requirements.

HFH Healthcare are experts in nurse-led complex care: We understand the importance of providing high-quality care, tailored to the unique needs of everyone we support. With over 14 years of experience in the sector we deliver personalised and compassionate care that promotes independence and enhances the quality of life for our clients and their families. Our dedicated team of skilled nurses and specialist carers are committed to excellence in complex care delivery, ensuring peace of mind for our clients and their loved ones.

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